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Chapter 165 unite crash
There was clearly women dressed in moon-decorated robes that has a cool phrase and beautiful displaying.
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Lin Yuan only wanted to opened one shop, so one spirit attendant was already more than enough. He didn’t actually feel it was necessary to find an extra mindset attendant.
When Wen Yu saw Lin Yuan linking at her, she noticed just like each of her durability had vanished. Her thoughts was in turmoil, because there was enjoyable surprise, exhilaration, and in addition disbelief.
Wen Yu didn’t attention if other heart attendants can be decided on, but Jin Qi would certainly not be picked—even though she was no. 2 among the spirit attendants—because their dialogue that evening was delivered to Lin Yuan’s the ears from the the fall wind power.
Most likely when Lin Yuan was building a decision, he could well be choosing someone randomly, and yes it was indifferent. However, to these character attendants, it absolutely was truly regarded as the greatest fated options of their daily life.
The competition between spirit attendants was identical to the calm drinking water around the surface—there were actually raging undercurrents.
The Moon Empress changed to consider Lin Yuan and claimed casually, “Lin Yuan, choose one yourself. If you feel a single soul attendant isn’t sufficient, then opt for two.”
Jin Qi felt more serious following seeing and hearing Pan Yue’s unusual peal of fun.
Jin Qi obtained for ages been very positive about herself, but she was aware she might not be picked. Nevertheless, she never at any time anticipated that Wen Yu might be chosen. At this point, Jin Qi realized that she wasn’t even qualified to be envious.
The instantaneous Wen Yu became Lin Yuan’s a.s.sistant, Jin Qi, and Wen Yu’s condition got a extreme big difference. If Wen Yu wanted to have vengeance on the, she could just look for a basis for Jin Qi to get disregarded from your Vibrant Moon Palace. All her goals and fantasies experienced converted grey now.
Wen Yu was ranking in a posture farthest from Lin Yuan, and whenever he sprang out, she was clutching to the amber product with escalating energy. It will be bogus if Wen Yu said that she wasn’t worried, and it might be even more pretentious if she stated she didn’t wish for Lin Yuan to choose her. Even so, simultaneously, Wen Yu wanted to convey thanks a lot to Lin Yuan individually.
The spirit attendant known as Pan Yue quickly extracted the red-colored floral on the head and had a glance at it. It most likely are not withered, nonetheless it was rather listless. Pan Yue then quickly hid the reddish colored bloom in their own sleeve and said with disappointment, “I have appeared through numerous blossoms, but you plucked each of them. You still dare to say it truly is withered, such shamelessness.”
The Moon Empress changed to consider Lin Yuan and explained casually, “Lin Yuan, pick one by yourself. If you feel an individual soul attendant isn’t ample, then decide on two.”
Without worrying about decrease of nectar Lin Yuan had offered her, Wen Yu understood she was destined to be taken out during the character attendant’s positioning check-up, and she will need to throw in the towel her situation as a spirit attendant. However with Lin Yuan’s decrease of nectar, she was at the very least able to keep her posture as a spirit attendant.
The character attendants searched rather bewildered as not one of them thought possible that Wen Yu can be picked out. The most amazed individual was none other than Jin Qi.
As being the two amounts went to the Glowing Moon Palace’s primary palace, most of the nature attendants bowed in unison. “Greetings on the Moon Empress, greeting to Lord Lin Yuan.”
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From the time Jin Qi possessed discovered that the Moon Empress had recognized a disciple that had been round the very same time as her, she was stuffed with unacceptable thought processes. Wen Yu possessed reminded her, in give back, Wen Yu experienced gotten Jin Qi’s anger.
When Jin Qi viewed Pan Yue, she sensed far better. Pan Yue could be better appearing than her, but it surely was only when she was noiseless. Every time Pan Yue spoke, every thing could be ripped separate. Why do a lovely young lady like her have got to improve a lips?
How could a very unaware young lady be picked out?
How could a very unaware lady be picked out?
Wen Yu was standing up in a place farthest from Lin Yuan, and once he came out, she was clutching on top of the amber container with escalating energy. It could be fake if Wen Yu claimed that she wasn’t concerned, and it could be much more pretentious if she reported she didn’t would like Lin Yuan to decide on her. On the other hand, while doing so, Wen Yu hoped to state thank you so much to Lin Yuan personally.
The challenge between soul attendants was just as the sooth liquid in the surface—there ended up raging undercurrents.
The Moon Empress’ ideas created each of the spirit attendants happy, although the youngsters immediately reacted, “Master, the initial one is sufficient.”
Additionally, this decrease of Silver Stamen Gold bullion Ca.s.sia nectar acquired actually increased her const.i.tution tremendously.
In the event the Moon Empress noticed Lin Yuan linking at Wen Yu, she stated, “The the one which is chosen can stay associated with. All of those other soul attendants will come back to their specific responsibilities.”
Wen Yu was status with a place farthest from Lin Yuan, so when he showed up, she was clutching on the amber product with improving durability. It will be fake if Wen Yu asserted that she wasn’t stressed, and it becomes more pretentious if she reported she didn’t would like Lin Yuan to pick out her. However, all at once, Wen Yu wanted to say thank you to Lin Yuan individually.
The Moon Empress knew precisely what occurred within her Radiant Moon Palace, but she experienced never meddled in Wen Yu’s matters right before.
When Wen Yu was jogging toward the rear, she had a peek at Jin Qi and saw that she was smiling. Consequently, she looked over the entry ways that was attached to the essential palace. Her confront was beaming, and her eyes were definitely loaded with indescribable targets.
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Without worrying about fall of nectar Lin Yuan experienced supplied her, Wen Yu understood that she was destined to be taken away throughout the soul attendant’s positioning exam, and she would have to sacrifice her position being a mindset attendant. However, with Lin Yuan’s lower of nectar, she was at least able to keep her position as a heart attendant.
Lin Yuan got rescued her shattered life, that was already founded, helping her shattered living to get settled all over again.
Without the fall of nectar Lin Yuan got offered her, Wen Yu was aware that she was going to be eliminated while in the soul attendant’s standing assessment, and she will need to throw in the towel her position like a mindset attendant. Although with Lin Yuan’s decline of nectar, she was at the very least effective in keeping her place for a mindset attendant.
As the two numbers walked into the Glowing Moon Palace’s main palace, all of the nature attendants bowed in unison. “Greetings towards the Moon Empress, greeting to Lord Lin Yuan.”
When the two figures went into the Radiant Moon Palace’s main palace, each of the character attendants bowed in unison. “Greetings on the Moon Empress, greeting to Lord Lin Yuan.”
When Lin Yuan glanced whatsoever the mindset attendants, he saw that the only real character attendant he was acquainted with along with spoken with was just Wen Yu. He got a significant excellent impression of Wen Yu, so he simply aimed at Wen Yu.

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