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Chapter 609 – Destruction In Revenge adamant cherry
In any components, Zhen Congming had been a naughty youngster who liked to destroy stuff, some other kind of human being from Hao Ren. He didn’t that can match Hao Ren, but he preferred the latter’s behavior nowadays!
“Ruff…” Tiny White colored barked in disdain.
The eight elders widened their eyes in big surprise.
The golden yacht launched misty, purple gentle.
Dong! Dong… Involved in the Central Development World cultivators, the great s.h.i.+eld didn’t even generate fantastic light. Instead, it b.u.mped these people with its physique, cras.h.i.+ng them back just like people were rocks.
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It protected the many mountain range that Skies Mountain / hill Sect had!
The character basis around Sky Mountain peak Sect accumulated together like tornadoes, and all the properties that weren’t firmly linked to the floor ended up blown up!
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If he ongoing, Heavens Mountain Sect will be damaged!
In most factors, Zhen Congming was really a naughty child who appreciated to destroy stuff, a different kind of man or woman from Hao Ren. He didn’t that can match Hao Ren, but he preferred the latter’s conduct currently!
Turning right into a fantastic boat, the crimson gold bullion hairpin transported Hao Ren casually.
The mystical floating light looked like the aurora.
The fantastic s.h.i.+eld continued to ” spin “!
The Nascent Soul World cultivators of other sects really should have go to check, but none got as they experienced all been lessened on the Core Growth World!
The fantastic s.h.i.+eld experienced its aged key and assimilated the many characteristics heart and soul in Skies Mountain / hill Sect into its entire body!
“Ruff…” Very little White-colored barked in disdain.
“Wuu…” Small White-colored appeared up at the fantastic s.h.i.+eld and dropped calm.
It impeded the atmosphere along with the Sunlight!
Underneath the frightened gazes of Heavens Mountain / hill Sect cultivators, Hao Ren left casually inside the wonderful great fishing boat.
The hills that Skies Mountain peak Sect engaged got all been erupted!
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Not like the small sects on Fifth Paradise where they developed the cave abodes inside the cliffs, Sky Hill Sect had been a major sect on 6th Heaven, so each Core Growth World cultivator obtained her or his home, plus the Groundwork Store Realm cultivators acquired dorms!
Standing on his black hard drive, Zhen Congming waved two yellow flags while a wide selection of small discolored banners flew around freely in the substantial heavens.
If he continued, Sky Mountain / hill Sect could be demolished!
Hua! Hua… After b.u.mping off many Center Development Kingdom cultivators, the gold s.h.i.+eld started to ” spin ” faster and expand bigger.
Right now, all eight Nascent Soul Kingdom cultivators were definitely out, and this man reversed the assortment formations of Atmosphere Mountain peak Sect, pressuring the cultivators inside the sect to run around aimlessly!
Which has a dim phrase, Hao Ren hurried onto Sixth Heaven on Tiny White’s back.
The palm-sized fantastic s.h.i.+eld converted into how big is a washbasin during the blink of any eyesight. It turned into the magnitude of a dinner table before to become a massive round drive using a size of 1,000 yards!
The dharma treasures started via the Main Structure World cultivators have been all knocked lower back via the fantastic s.h.i.+eld.
Alarmed, the mindset beasts in Atmosphere Hill Sect rushed out from the lower back mountain.
Compared with the tiny sects on Fifth Heaven where they made the cave abodes on the cliffs, Sky Mountain / hill Sect was really a significant sect on 6th Heaven, so each Central Formation Realm cultivator obtained her or his property, as well as the Basic foundation Business Realm cultivators acquired dorms!
The pack of complexes in the hillside was where the Core Structure World cultivators lived.
The rest of architectural structures over the hillside was in which the Center Growth World cultivators existed.
Turning right into a wonderful boat, the purple precious metal hairpin maintained Hao Ren lightly.
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With each spin, it became bigger!
“Brilliant!” Zhen Congming viewed Hao Ren in pleasure.
Dong! Dong… Involved in the Key Creation Realm cultivators, the fantastic s.h.i.+eld didn’t even generate glowing light. As a substitute, it b.you.mped them its human body, cras.h.i.+ng them back almost like these folks were stones.
He was no match up for Nascent Heart and soul Realm cultivators, but he could beat any Main Creation Realm cultivator!
Hao Ren’s sword energies made over countless properties!
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Tiny White colored went at its entire quickness and turned up when in front of Skies Mountain peak Sect during the blink associated with an eyeball!
The impolite conduct managed to get appear to be a s.h.i.+eld by using an old battleground it didn’t look like a supreme psychic prize whatsoever!

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