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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2479 wail numerous
“D*mn quack, you betrayed us this speedy?!” Spray of Roses exclaimed.
Taoist Devotee: “…”
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“Huh?!” Nameless Nie was surprised because he investigated Taoist Devotee. “You’re Baldy?”
Squirt of Blooms: “…”
Chapter 2479 Section History Nameless Nie 12
“Your Grandpa Nameless doesn’t modify his title whether he journeys or remains at your home,” Nameless Nie said.
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“It’s me… Baldy! Back then, from the Individual State, I had been part of the Nameless Caravan! There was clearly only the two of us from the caravan. That you were the captain and i also was really a participant. Perhaps you have neglected?!” Taoist Devotee looked been working up.
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“Nonsense, we grew up enjoying inside the soil with each other since we had been kids.” Nameless Nie glanced at Squirt of Blossoms.
“Ling Miao, just how do you consider we need to contend with them?” Nameless Nie required Ling Miao cheerily.
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“D*mn, your surname is certainly freaking Nie! It’s not just a coincidence, perfect?!” Taoist Devotee was additional surprised than Nameless Nie.
Taoist Devotee: “…”
“However you make sure you,” Ling Miao replied expressionlessly.
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Taoist Devotee: “…”
Taoist Devotee: “…”
Nameless Nie glanced at Taoist Devotee. “Why will you be a mercenary? Be employed by me from now on! My Nameless Caravan will blossom brilliantly from now on and exchange the Shen family…”
“However you you should,” Ling Miao replied expressionlessly.
“Captain, just how much starting up cash are there?” Taoist Devotee required curiously.
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“Huh?!” Nameless Nie was surprised when he looked over Taoist Devotee. “You’re Baldy?”
Taoist Devotee: “…”
“Huh? That occurred? Why didn’t I do know? No, that absolutely didn’t take place!” Taoist Devotee vehemently shook his head. “Eh… I’m guessing it turned out somebody else tricked by you who tattled to you! I definitely didn’t achieve it!”
“Don’t let me know your surname is Nie?” Taoist Devotee carried on.
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“Don’t make an attempt to have fun with close up with me. What captain? I’ve never viewed you well before,” Nameless Nie stated.
“Huh?!” Nameless Nie was surprised as he looked at Taoist Devotee. “You’re Baldy?”
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“Your Grandpa Nameless doesn’t alter his identify whether he travels or stays on in your house,” Nameless Nie explained.
“Captain… An actual person doesn’t feature about his past achievements. I didn’t watch you since that time that, and so i idea you needed been defeated to passing away by the mum.” Taoist Devotee sighed. “I originally designed to know market and small business by you and then you had been ended up, so I could only understand martial arts… I’m employed by someone now. I used to be out from cash recently, thus i became a mercenary for Zhao Yechao. You mustn’t try to find Zhao Yechao. He’s set down a foolproof trap already and he’s just anticipating you!”
“D*mn quack, you realize him?” Mist of Plants quickly asked from his spot underneath Nameless Nie.
“Don’t inform me your surname is Nie?” Taoist Devotee carried on.
“Captain, simply how much starting off cash do you possess?” Taoist Devotee asked curiously.
“D*mn quack, you understand him?” Apply of Flowers quickly questioned from his location underneath Nameless Nie.
“D*mn quack, you betrayed us this speedy?!” Mist of Fresh flowers exclaimed.
“Don’t aim to play shut with me. What captain? I’ve never viewed you right before,” Nameless Nie claimed.
“However you be sure to,” Ling Miao responded expressionlessly.
“Sh*t, it is really you, b*stard!” Nameless Nie lifted Taoist Devotee up. “Then you ran on the Nie house and informed my mother I tricked cash on your part. My father and my mother both gave me a overcoming together…”
Mist of Roses: “D*mn quack, you had been actually that revolting?!”
Nameless Nie and Ling Miao were both stunned. How does this Taoist Devotee know?
“I don’t possess any today,” Nameless Nie responded from a second of believed.
“How did you know my surname?” Nameless Nie was curious.

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